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Testimonials: “I value every word written about me. Thank you!”

I am dedicated to SQL Server community.
Since 1999, I am working extensively with SQL Server. 100+ SQL Projects, 100+ Consulting Engagements, 500+ Trainings & Workshops, 9+ TechEd sessions, Countless Community Sessions, Innovative Content Development and 120+ clients with their excellent feedback – can I ask for more?
“I have and will continue to maintain an impeccable profile”, a pledge to myself :)

I had the pleasure of working with Amit on the world’s largest technical education seminars, including TechEd Europe and internal Redmond Trainings on SQL Server 2008. Amit is a talented trainer, presenter and speaker on Database & BI solutions. What differentiates Amit, is his broad end-to-end technical knowledge (no pigeonholing in 1 technology part)

Gunther Beersaerts, Corporate Technology Strategist at Microsoft

It has always been a pleasure attending training sessions conducted by Amit. With his strong fundamental concepts, conveying the right point of views in right perspectives becomes easier for him. An asset to any organization for sure!

Atul Kale, Chief Technologist, Microsoft Business Solutions, India at HP Enterprise Services

I had the pleasure of interacting with Amit during a 3 day training on MS SQL Server 2008 conducted by him for a group of RBS employees, Amit’s deep technical expertise in the subject and expressive way of conveying the facts and concepts really impressed me a lot. He is one of the best Microsoft Technology trainers I have come across. He conducts his sessions very well.

Jatin Rohatgi, Project Manager at Tata Consultancy Services

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TechEd North America 2014, Houston

12_amit bansal

TechEd Europe 2013, Madrid

13_amit bansal

TechEd North America 2012, Orlando

14_amit bansal

TechEd Europe 2008, Barcelona

15_amit bansal

TechEd North America 2008, Orlando

16_amit bansal

Advanced T-SQL Querying & Programming, Gurgaon, August 2014

17_amit bansal

Advanced Database Administration, Bangalore, July 2014

18_amit bansal

Advanced T-SQL Querying & Programming, Hyderabad, July 2014

19_amit bansal

Advanced T-SQL Querying & Programming, Gurgaon, June 2014

20_amit bansal

Advanced SQL Database Administration, Coimbatore, June 2014

21_amit bansal

Barcelona, Spain

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23_amit bansal


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26_amit bansal

MVP Summit, USA

27_amit bansal

SQL Server Day, Bangalore

28_amit bansal

India Retail Forum

29_amit bansal

Great Indian Developer Summit

30_amit bansal

SQL Server Day, Gurgaon

31_amit bansal

Shri Ratan Tata

32_amit bansal

Dr. Greg Low

33_amit bansal

Itzik Ben Gan

34_amit bansal

Gunther Beersaerts

35_amit bansal

Brent Ozar Team

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