SQL Server Day in Bangalore & Gurgaon on April 18 at Microsoft

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Last week in Hyderabad, on April 11, I delivered a session titled “NoBody to SomeBody” at SQL Server Day event. The session was well appreciated. You can see ongoing feedback. Click here.

And now I am repeating this session at SQL Server Day in Bangalore happening on April 18 at Microsoft. Along with this session, I am also delivering a session on Public Speaking. Both the sessions are non-technical and will help you immensely in your career & life. Register now and make sure you attend!

“NoBody to SomeBody” is a unique session that I have designed which will motivate you to come out of your comfort zone and share your knowledge and expertise with the world. This session will show you the road towards fame and popularity within your community. This session will make you believe that you are an awesome personality and the world is just waiting to hear you. I am going to share some secrets that have worked for me and changed my career. You never know, this session might be a game changer for you. So, if you are in Bangalore, come to this eye-opener session and give a new perspective to your career and life.

“Master the Art of Public Speaking” is another series of session that I have designed for the community. Public speaking is an essential skill that you need to advance your career, irrespective of which profile you are in. Some say, it is the most essential skill that can take you places. And it has taken me places too! I have learnt these skills the hard way, which I want to pass on to you.

So SQL Server Day this time in Bangalore will be very different. 2 non-technical sessions that will improve your career and life. Click here to Register!

Not just Bangalore, Sarabpreet & Ahmad are also doing something unique in Gurgaon this time for SQL Server day event. They are hosting a role playing session titled “Developer vs DBA”. In this 2.5 hour session, Sarabpreet and Ahmad will show how developers and DBAs can collaborate with each other to solve SQL Server issues. This is a unique session designed by them and I am sure you are going to love it. SQL Server Day in Gurgaon is happening on April 18 at Microsoft Gurgaon office. Click here to Register!

So here is the summary:

SQL Server Day, Bangalore, 18 April 2015: Click here to Register!
SQL Server Day, Gurgaon, 18 April 2015: Click here to Register!

Last week I completed SQL Master Class in Hyderabad and just see how participants showed their love and respect. Click here.

Some news from the SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit desk: If you have still not registered for the conference, do so now. Why? We will start announcing our list of speakers from May onwards and after you see the names, you will ask yourself, “why did I not register earlier?” Yes, there are some of the best international speakers lined up :) 150+ SQL DBA, DEVs, Architects & SQL enthusiasts have already registered and secured their participation. They benefited from the low pricing of Jan, Feb & March. It is still not late. Click here to Register.

Corporate registrations have also started. You can connect your manager/boss/L & D people to our Corp Registration team. Write to Mamita at mamita[at]peoplewareindia.com and please put the subject as “SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit”.

That is it for now. Do join us for SQL Server Day in Bangalore and Gurgaon. You never know, you may get a discount coupon at the event! And please forward this mail to your friends and colleagues so that they too can benefit from these events..