SQL Server Webcast: Tracking Page Splits with Extended Events

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Hope you are doing well.

Wish you Belated Happy Diwali. Hope you had a great time with our family & friends. I could not wish you earlier simply because I had promised that I will not send more than two communications in a month (once in 15 days) :)

So here I am back with loads of exciting news!

First, the next SQL Server webcast from SQLMaestros is announced on Nov 19. And this time I will be talking about Page Splits and how you can fix them using Extended Events. This will be a slightly advanced session and I am sure you will enjoy. So Register Now, it’s free for you!

What about the resources of the last web cast? It’s here.

The public debut of SQL Server Performance Tuning Master Class from December 8 to 12 is in full force and half the class is already filled, after all it is my flagship course with hundreds of corporate deliveries :). Yes, the entire SQL community is excited about this! Talk to your boss today if you want to attend this Master Class on SQL Server! And if you are the boss send your people to this class to learn some REAL stuff about SQL Server Performance Tuning! Here are all the details about the class!

Now, guess where am I?

This time around the year, I am generally at the beautiful Microsoft Campus in Redmond. And this time, it’s a long trip. Business, MVP Summit & PASS Summit. Wait! Did I say PASS Summit? Yes, so this is the surprise that I was talking about in my last letter to you. Yes, I am speaking at PASS Summit 2014 in Seattle. This is very humbling for me. After speaking at almost all major conferences of Microsoft across the globe, speaking at PASS Summit is very satisfying! So what am I speaking about? Here is the blog announcement that you should read. And all congratulatory messages go on the blog, so do comment :)

Well MVP Summit is not new to me but it’s exciting that I hear Satya Nadella live for the first time at MVP Summit Welcome Reception. And with that, I will have all the 3 CEOs in Microsoft History – seen and heard live! (Steve Ballmer & Bill Gates being the previous legendry CEOs). With Steve Ballmer, I have lovely, short & amusing interview. Watch it here!

And this time, Microsoft Campus felt a little different! Why? Halloween! Yes, it was all Halloween Celebration at the campus. See what the campus was like, here!

That’s it for now. I look forward to see you online in my webcast and/or meet you during the public workshop in Dec 2nd week. Till then, good bye and enjoy life with your precious ones!

And yes, wish me luck for my PASS Summit session here :)

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