After SSGAS 2015, SQL Master Classes Are Back

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SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2015, Asia’s First SQL Summit was executed in a grand style. 3 days, 5 tracks, 50 speakers, 70 sessions and close to 1000 in attendance each day, we scripted history. A long cherished dream was fulfilled. Everything that happened between Aug 26 and 29, it was first time ever in Asia!

We will continue to talk about the conference in times to come, but meanwhile, watch the moments here:
What’s next for the SQL Community?

Something that many have been waiting for! Yes, SQL Server Performance Tuning Master Classes are happening again!
After scripting history last year and successfully executing two more classes this year in Bangalore & Hyderabad, SQLMaestros is back with its most popular class/course in 4 cities in India. This time in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai & Gurgaon.

All details are here:

You can also download the e-brochure.

SQLMaestros Master Classes are unique and exclusive offering. Unmatched & unparalleled in every aspect, be it content or delivery. The most rigorous SQL training you can ever have. This 5 day course is designed to give you the right amount of Internals knowledge and loads of practical tuning & optimization techniques that you can put into production right-away. These five days are going to be physically and mentally challenging! Not to mention, SQLMaestros is the only entity in India that offers advanced SQL trainings of this kind.

So if you are serious about your SQL career and want to specialize in performance tuning, go for the master classes. Learn more here.

For any query, drop an email to classes[at]SQLMaestros[dot]com or call +91 8105235636.

Stay tuned, SQL Special In-person events are coming soon in your city!