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Amit R S Bansal leads the SQL & BI practice at (unit of eDominer) with a focused team providing consulting, training, content development & SQL support services to more than 120+ SQL Server customers globally. He holds a Director position at eDominer Systems & Peopleware India. His sessions at TechED North America 2014, 2012 & TechED Europe 2013 were top-rated. Since 2002, he has worked on countless SQL Server projects, consulted, trained & mentored more than 6000 IT professionals on SQL Server. Amit is a SQL MCM, SQL MVP & MCT. He is also the founder of You can know more about him at

We Need To Do Much More

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SQLBits 2017 Telford UK

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Upcoming SQL Events – April/May 2016

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Comparing Apples and Oranges

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Nepal Earthquake – We are doing our bit, have you?

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Azure Conference India 2015 – My Session Resources

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Great Indian Developer Summit 2015, Bangalore

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A Galore of SQL Events

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SQL Saturday Speaking Experience

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Donate for Ebola Relief

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Speaking at PASS Summit 2014

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Shadow Photography

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A different Microsoft Campus – Halloween Decorations

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Down the Memory Lane – SQL Baremetal Workshop from Dandy Weyn, Jan 2012

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A solid reason not to burst crackers!

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Meet Arvind Shyamsundar – the first Microsoft Certified Master in India

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A day with Bob Ward – The SQL Guru!

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Microsoft TechEd North America 2007 – My First International Conference

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My Conference Badges – what have I done with them?

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MSDN and TechNet Subscriptions – remembering those days!

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