I feel I am very privileged to be part of so many conferences world-wide speaking mostly on SQL Server, like Microsoft TechEd US, TechEd Europe, TechEd India, SQLBits Europe and this time I am speaking at PASS Summit too in Seattle in Nov 1st week. After every conference, there is one precious thing that I don’t like to throw away (no, I don’t throw precious stuff anyway :) )

And that is my conference badge!

I put it away in my cupboard where I have all the conference stuff. But what happens when gradually the heap gets bigger and bigger :(


Well, the best I could do is hang them! But with a nice display, so that I can see them – at least it makes one feel nice, a sense of achievement, kind of! And this is just behind my table!

Does it inspire me? Does it look nice?


Amit Bansal (SQL MCM, SQL MVP)
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