Non Technical Bio

I seriously don’t know where to start? Non-technical bio? What is that you want to know about me other than my professional career, ventures & accolades? 😉

Well, let me randomly put a few things about myself.

I am lazy. Yes, many of you may not believe this knowing I travel and work endlessly, be it assignments, conferences, blogging, etc. But I still think I am lazy. Getting up early for a run? Someone needs to push me hard. Brushing at night? Oh, that’s like climbing Mount Everest? And dozens of such examples of laziness…

But ask me to have ‘Death by Chocolate’ at 11 pm midnight and I am ready :) or cold coffee :) – you now know what you can treat me with when you meet me next.

Next, I love public speaking. And my passion for public speaking took me places. If you reading this, you have probably already known about my sessions at some global conference!

Being a techie, l love playing with gadgets. My brother and I, we had our first computer in 1993, Wipro 386 DX 2 with 4 MB RAM and 80 MB hard disk. We opened it up, voiding the warranty, to see what’s inside? :)

My brother did all the productive stuff and I played games all the time. Wolf 3D, Price of Persia, Syndicate, Carmen and dozens other. All of them, crossing all the levels. I remember using cheat codes in Price of Persia to cross a level where I was stuck for days. I don’t play games anymore, for some reason, I find them boring!

We together assembled computers also at times. We opened up almost everything, computer, walk-man, toys, almost everything.

I loved playing football, cricket, TT, volleyball, almost all games. I use to participate big time in school athletic competitions. Won a few medals in 100m, 200m & 400m races. My best was winner in 100 m hurdle race and bronze medalist in cross country race (mini marathon). I studied in St. Lawrence High School in Calcutta and Good Shepherd Public School in Ooty. I also won “Duke of Edinburgh” award when I was in GSPS.

I also used to participate in dramatics and won best supporting actor :) – There was a time when I wanted to be an Actor (a secret that I am disclosing)

I did sketching, didn’t know how to use colors. I won many prizes during school painting competitions. I represented my school in All-India Camel Painting competition. I sketched Mahatma Gandhi with 6B pencils on big chart paper. I remember I used up 4 GB pencils. I won the first prize in this all-India competition. Ironically, all were painting competitions, I never painted, only sketched.

I used to fight a lot with my friends. Still fight a lot, nothing more on that :)

Recently, I have also started recording videos and I enjoy that too.

Along with my family, I run Mahadevi Foundation, for social cause, I enjoy every bit of this work.

Marriage changed me. God gave me another one to fight with :) – with authority 😀

Having my first kid changed me further, I was blessed with a son. Second kid has put me on cloud nine, a daughter – I feel like I have got everything one can ask for :)

So my hobby today is – playing with my kids and spending time with family, that’s all I love doing.

And I am blessed with a big family :)

My family pics


My sister Ela & brother-in-law, Vasu



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  1. Shrikanth August 31, 2014 at 8:39 am - Reply

    Lovely pics, you are an inspiration Amit

  2. jalpesh August 31, 2014 at 9:03 am - Reply

    nice to see your non-sql side :)

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