My Corporate Assignments

What do I mean by Corporate Assignments? Well, my brands SQLMaestros and Peopleware India keep bombarding me with SQL Server corporate assignments of various kinds, including but not limited to SQL Server Projects, Training, Consulting, Content Development, etc. This had made me travel across the globe. Essentially, I am hired by my customers for a short period of time, ranging from 2 days to a month, in a flexible way. Every assignment comes with its own set of challenges and I enjoy fulfilling the expectations of the customer. As of April 2014, I have done close to 500 assignments for more than 120 customers. And I am doing this for more than a decade. Well, its not always quantity that matters, but sometimes numbers are important :)

In case you want to hire me for your assignment, you can write directly to my marketing team at enquiry[at]peoplewareindia[dot]com. Or simply get in touch with our folks here.

Do browse some of my the photos below with my audience. I care about my audience. Not by taking photos, but by fulfilling their expectations :)


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