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Most Fashionable Professional – India – Part 2

There’s lot happened with this contest and I won it 🙂 – thanks to people who voted for me. It’s time to blog about it and I am doing it in four part series, this being the second one. Part 1 is here.

And after I was voted on the top slot amongst 50,000+ contestants, Van Heusen got back to me with the second round which I was completely unaware of.

In the second round, all the top winners were asked to answer a few questions and send 5 fashionable photos of themselves. Answering questions was the easy part but where do I get ‘fashionable’ photos from? So, I looked up my Photos folder and randomly picked up 5 of them. According to me, they are not at all fashionable, but that’s what I had 🙂

Questions and my answers:

1. What does fashion at the workplace mean to you?

Fashion at workplace should demonstrate professionalism, decent level of smartness and most importantly “you are serious about work”. Being a Director at my company, I believe in leading by example, and I tend to be articulate.

2. How would you define your style?

I believe in the power of simplicity. That has taken me places. My style includes sober, neat, clean & ironed dressing, polished footwear & and two handkerchiefs, one in the pocket and the other in the bag. My style is not necessarily distinctive, but sharp & articulate.

3. How do you ensure that your personality comes through while still adhering to the dress code at your workplace?

There is no specific dress code at my workplace. This being said, a strong personality is not only dependent on the dress code. I think personality creates a dress, not the other way round. My personality comes through with every little thing that I do in the office and the way I do it; be it presentations or eating my lunch or talking to someone over the phone. Mannerisms & etiquettes are very critical to my armory!

4. Who is your style idol, and why?

Amitabh Bachchan. Some individuals have God-gifted personality, towering height & baritone voice. He is my style idol not because he has all of those, but because he has justified having those and lived up to his personality over decades, even during lean years of his life. There is a lot to learn from legends like him!

And the five ‘fashionable’ photos… ahem!






And this completed the second round. Van Heusen informed that they will announce the final winners on August 30. That’s my birthday 🙂

Thanks for reading.

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