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Breakout Sessions

Do you want AB to deliver a session for your UG/Event/Conference, anything? Choose a session and drop an email to ab[at]amitbansal[dot].net

Title: SQL Server Internals & Architecture – vCurrent
Abstract: No, this is not a regular refresher that DBAs & Developers would ask for. The content in this session is an updated version of what has changed in the SQL OS, Internals, Architecture & Query Lifecycle based on the new features & functionalities in the recent versions of SQL Server. Concepts will be explained with architectural diagrams and relevant demos will be shown using Windows Debugger and Extended Events to enforce the concepts.

Title: Best Practices & Being Productive with Extended Events
Abstract: You have started using Extended Events. Finally. But are you being productive with it? Have you chosen the right events? Are you collecting & storing the data right way? Are you analyzing the right way? Are you following the best practices? Join this session if you want to see some real-world XEvents implementation in action. You will surely take a few tips back to your production environment. Guaranteed.

Title: 6 Query Tuning Techniques That Will Solve 75% Of Your Performance Problems
Abstract: I mean, your SQL Server performance problems. I will spend 10 minutes on each one with crisp demos. I will run the query, capture the metrics, troubleshoot and diagnose the slowness, and finally, fix it. Exactly like you would do on a production server. Join this session for some real-world stuff.

Title:Implementing SQL Server Extended Events
Abstract: In this session, you will learn how to implement Extended Events the right way. You will get a comprehensive overview of XEvents, a tour of GUI and key features, and a few real-world examples of putting XEvents to production to use.

Title: Top 10 SQL Server Performance Tuning Tricks
Abstract: Do you want Top 10 Tricks to improve SQL Server Performance instantly? Join this demo-heavy 2-hour session with the master himself and watch the top 10 tricks in action with real-world scenarios. Tricks will be wide spread and will cover server-level tuning, database-level tuning, and a couple of tricks with CPU, Memory IO & Tempdb tuning. Finally special focus on Indexes & query tuning. These 10 ticks will be a life-saver and you can deploy in your production right away. If you are serious about SQL Server Performance Tuning, this session is un-miss-able.

Title: How to Troubleshoot a Slow Running Query in SQL Server & Azure SQL
Abstract: You always wanted to troubleshoot a slow running query. But you just don’t know where to begin. In this demo-heavy session, I will show you how to troubleshoot a slow running query. You will see an end-to-end query tuning example with a slow running workload. We will capture important metrics while the workload is running and then use the captured data to troubleshoot query performance issues. The technique you will learn can be applied to production straight away. This will be a 100% demo session.

Title: Developer Best Practices in SQL Server
Abstract: In this session, you will learn how to write optimized T-SQL code for SQL Server. You will see real-world examples related to Sarg-ability, Re-Writing T-SQL for better performance, SQL Injection, Parameterization and if time permits, we will also see the good and bad of Dynamic SQL.

Title: Benchmarking & Testing In-Memory OLTP Performance
Abstract: Not every workload can benefit from In-Memory tables. Memory Optimized Tables are not a magic bullet that will improve performance for all kinds of transactional workloads. Therefore, it is very critical that you test & benchmark in-memory performance for your SQL deployments before you decide to migrate disk-based tables to memory-optimized tables.
Key Learning: In this session, you will learn:
a. Baselining current performance
b. How to identify the right candidates for In-Memory
c. Generate sample production data
d. Create simulated production workload
e. Test & benchmark In-Memory performance with simulations
f. Compare In-Memory performance with the baseline You will also learn about a verity of tools and techniques that can be used in our proof-of-concept.

Title: SQL Server Memory Internals & Troubleshooting
Abstract: Welcome to the dungeon. Yes, SQL Server memory concepts are like entering a dungeon where you are guaranteed to get lost. It’s dark and complex out there and not many have come back alive. Join Microsoft Certified Master of SQL Server, Amit Bansal, and find your way out from the dungeon. In this deep-dive session you will understand SQL Server memory architecture, how the database engine consumes memory and how to track memory usage. Complex concepts will be made simple and you will see some light beyond the darkness. This session will be an eye-opener for you. Assured.

Title: SQL Server Concurrency Problems
Abstract: Well these are not SQL Server’s Concurrency Problems, there are concurrency problems that can happen in SQL Server 🙂 – Come to this session if you want a deep dive in concurrency problems that are causing performance issues in SQL Server. You are investigating everything else, but the problem lies in concurrency. We will go very deep into the nuts-and-bolts of how SQL Server handles concurrency.

Title: Real-World Query Tuning Examples
Abstract: Join Microsoft Certified Master of SQL Server, Amit Bansal, and learn some real-world query tuning examples. In this deep-dive session you will learn how you can re-write T-SQL queries using new constructs to improve performance. You will learn how you can tune indexes & deal with statistics to improve query performance. This session will be an eye-opener for you and you will learn things that Google cannot find for you. Assured.

Title: Troubleshooting SQL Server IO Performance/Bottleneck
Abstract: In this session, you will understand how sys.dm_io_virtual_file_stats can be used to identify/detect/compute read latency on slow IO, how Avg. Disk sec/Read performance monitor counter can be used to identify/detect/compute read latency on slow IO and how to find out queries that are causing maximum IO in SQL Server (Top IO Queries).

Title: SQL Server Statistics – Things That You Didn’t Know
Abstract: Join Microsoft Certified Master & MVP, Amit Bansal, and learn about the internals of SQL Server Statistics, Histogram, Cardinality Estimation and more.

Title: Execution Plan Analysis & Query Tuning
Abstract: Learn how to read execution plans, identify problems and fix them for better query performance. See real-world examples of query tuning.