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Amit Bansal’s SQL Performance Tuning Class in Singapore – 17 August 2018

Most SQL professionals start solving a performance issue by mere guess work. Indexes, Locking, Waits, IO, CPU, Query Plan, Parallelism – everything is guessed about, yet, there is no success. SQL Server Performance Tuning is a combination of art and science. When it comes to science, a proven methodology needs to be followed and you have to go by the rules in the book. When it comes to art, you go by your experience, instincts and of course, tricks & skills you learn from someone more experienced than you. If you want to master this combination of art and science, consider joining Amit Bansal’s exclusive classes on SQL Server Performance Tuning. Watch Amit Bansal’s latest free videos on SQL Server Wait Types, IO Troubleshooting, Statistics and more.

Amit Bansal, Microsoft Certified Master of SQL Server, Principal Consultant at SQLMaestros, is now coming to Singapore with his Performance Tuning Course, on 17 August 2018. If you or your team members are located in Singapore, here is an opportunity to explore Amit Bansal’s SQL Server Performance Tuning expertise & exclusive content. Here are the details of the upcoming classes. Remember, seats are limited and if you are interested, you can directly register online.

  • Practical SQL Server Performance Tuning (Aug 17, Singapore): The full-day class is on Aug 17 in Singapore as part of SQL Saturday event. This is a full-day, fast-track training based on SQLMaestros Master Class – Practical SQL Server Performance Tuning. Learn More About The Class & Registration.

About Amit Bansal: Amit Bansal is a Microsoft Certified Master of SQL Server & SQL Server MVP awardee by Microsoft. His performance tuning classes are highly rated and world-renowned. Learn more. See what Amit Bansal’s trainees say about his Master Classes & Accelerators courses- Participant Feedback (video) | Master Class Testimonials (form responses)

For any query related to above trainings, reach out to and the team will get back to you at the earliest.

PS: The above classes are based on “SQL Server Internals, Troubleshooting & Performance Tuning” course of SQLMaestros. This course has been taken by Architects, DBAs, Developers, world-wide over the years.

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