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ConnectWithAB – 15 June 2020


Hi There,

S-arg-ability is a much spoken term in SQL Server world. I took a fresh approach to this topic and penned down quite a few things including SCAN, SEEK, CAST, CONVERT, etc, kind of Sargability ramblings. Read the full blog post. I hope you find it interesting.

Well, Sargability is a lot of about query tuning. And speaking of query tuning, look at these two videos – Implicit Conversion Part 1 & Implicit Conversion Part 2. Part 2 is super important, because many think that it’s not worth saving those double digit milliseconds. Yes it is. After Part 1, do watch Part 2 and you will see the overall impact this can have on your server.

Hope you access all the free resources of the SQL 2019 & Azure SQL Virtual Symposium?

That’s it for today. Feel free to forward this to your friends. Hope to stay connected with you.

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