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Query Tuning training next week

Hi There,

Hope you are well. Make sure you invite your SQL team members for the Query Tuning training next week. It costs nothing. Learn More.


  • Title: Query Tuning – From Soup to Nuts. Learn More.



  • Here are some new SQL Tutorials. Check Here.
    • Order By Clause – A tricky behavior
    • Actuals vs Estimates
    • and more…


  • I have started penning down some SQL Server Notes. Like a brain dump. Here. Hope you like them.


  • I am delivering two new batches of SQL Server Performance Tuning – Fast Track & Master Class. Review the modules, topics now, and if you find it interesting, talk to your manager, get approvals and book your seat soonest. Learn More


  • I am working on a new Video Course – SQL Server Performance Tuning (Master Track). It is a 50-hour course with comprehensive coverage of SQL internals and tuning at an advanced level. Learn more.


  • I am also coming out with a SQL Server Performance Tuning Lab Kit. The kit will be released by January end. Learn More.

Stay tuned, I continue to bring more SQL goodness.

With Warm Regards

Add Amit Bansal to your address book.

Have you have heard of Peopleware India? This is the place where all the training class recordings from DPS 2020 & 2021 have been put up. Easy to subscribe, easy to access. Learn More.
Approx 50 full-fledged courses for you to upskill yourself.

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