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Geek Talk on SQL Server Internals (ConnectWithAB #10)

ConnectWithAB Bulletin #10. September 25, 2020.
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Spotlight: Breakout Sessions Part-2 Announced. Click Here. Prices increase today.

Hi There,

In today’s ConnectWithAB, I am inviting you to join free LIVE Geek Talk on SQL Server Internals for Developers & DBAs on Oct 1. To cover all time zones, I am setting up two options – 8 am (UTC +5) and 9.30 pm (UTC +5). All details here. Register and join me. Invite your friends too.

Geek Talks is a new initiative and we are putting up all recordings here.

Highlights of Today’s Bulletin
LIVE Geek Talk on SQL Server Internals for Developers & DBAs. Learn More
Virtual Symposiums are announced on Advanced Analytics, AI & SQL Performance Tuning. Join Us
Breakout Sessions Part-2 announced for Data Platform Virtual Summit 2020


LIVE Training
SQL Server Internals for Developers & DBAs hosted by SQLMaestros.
SQLServerGeeks Geek Talk with Erik Darling on SQL Server Query Tuning.
DataPlatformGeeks Geek Talk with Dejan Sarka on Data Science Algorithms

Upcoming Virtual Symposiums
DataPlatformGeeks Virtual Symposium. Theme – Azure Analytics & Artificial Intelligence.
DataPlatformGeeks Virtual Symposium. Theme – SQL Performance Tuning
Join Us

New SQL Videos
The Real Impact of Implicit Conversions on SQL Server

Session Level Wait vs Task Level Wait in SQL Server

SQL Video Tutorials, Webinars & Conference Sessions (From the Archives)

Index Tuning – Page Splits & Fragmentation
Index Tuning – Index Column Sort Order
Full video collection available on

Some Learning Content from Microsoft SQL Server Team
[Video] Hybrid Disaster Recovery Scenarios for SQL Server

DPS 2020
The event is priced very low. Summit is $109 (200 Sessions + Recordings). Training Class is $149 (LIVE Attendance + Recordings). Price hike today (10pm PST).
Apart from attending LIVE, delegates will get session recordings. Training Class registrants will get class recordings too. This is true value!
Apart from paid version, there is free registration option too.
DPS 2020 will cover all time zones, running continuously. The event is coming to your country, your city, your home. Your team members across the globe can join.
Being virtual, DPS will now have bigger participation from Microsoft Redmond based Product Teams.
Microsoft is the Premier Knowledge Partner of Data Platform Summit.
Learn More

That’s it for today. Feel free to forward this to your friends. Hope to stay connected with you.
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SQLMaestros Video Courses cover T-SQL Querying, Programming & Performance Tuning

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