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Data Platform Summit 2019 – A Milestone

Before the year ends, I just wish to rewind back to August 2019. The community redefined what A W E S O M E N E S S means.

Data Platform Summit 2019, a community-driven mega event, one of Asia’s largest Data, Analytics & AI learning events, concluded with thundering applause from 900+ Data, Analytics & AI professionals from 21 countries. This group photo of Data Platform Summit 2019, after Gayle Sheppard’s keynote, will leave you speechless. No words can describe this amazing community of DataPlatformGeeks (DPG) & SQLServerGeeks (SSG). 900+ Data, Analytics & AI professionals participated in the 3-Day summit from Aug 22 to 24. Another 400+ for the pre-cons from Aug 19 to 21. A humble beginning in 2004 with the first so-called user group meeting in India (in Calcutta) with just 7 people has transformed into a massive community of 2,95,000 folks from 91 countries. And it leaves me spellbound to realize that a small user group meeting of 7 people has grown to a massive summit of this scale where 900+ people joined from 21 countries.

This is P H E N O M E N A L.

This incredible journey would not have been possible without the unconditional support of DPG & SSG Teams, the perseverance of eDominer Teams, the reinforcement by our speakers over the years, our super-energetic volunteers, our Knowledge Partners and of course, YOU, the community – YOU MAKE US WHO WE ARE TODAY. Special thanks to Microsoft. If there is one company that understands the community more than anyone else, it is MICROSOFT. Thanks to Microsoft for sending some amazing experts from Redmond, India, China, and Israel from the Azure Data Group. Loads of gratitude to Gayle Sheppard, Rohan Kumar, Robin Cerka, Sanjay Mishra, Ajay Jagganathan, Amit Banerjee, Asad Khan, Anand Raman & Dr. Rohini Srivathsa, and of course, many others from Microsoft who made this happen.

Our speakers are true rockstars. These are some incredible human beings who travel across continents, spend the whole week in India, at DPS, and expect nothing in return. Take a bow, friends. Likewise, the volunteers, who relentlessly supported us 24×7.

DPS 2019 for me has been a landmark, a milestone for my professional career. The first 3 years SSGAS 2015, SSGAS 2016 & DPS 2017 were superb and the foundations, but DPS 2018 & 2019 takes me, my teams (DPG, SSG & eDominer) and our community work to a completely different level. With the roaring 5th edition of the summit, we have demonstrated GOLD standard in community work. Every delegate at DPS 2019 has given such incredible feedback, it justifies the hard work we as a team have put in. It is O V E R W H E L M I N G. Such encouraging feedback makes us do a lot more for the community.

This year was special as we introduced Round Tables – a new learning format that instantly became a hit with delegates. And speakers loved it too. We organized Women-in-technology Round Table with Gayle Sheppard and it added a new dimension to our event. This year, we distributed 50 passes to educational institutions. All in all, some wonderful community initiatives in true sense. Special thanks once again to our Knowledge Partners: Microsoft, Altimetrik & Affine Analytics.

To all who are reading this, let me tell you – my community work with DataPlatformGeeks & SQLServerGeeks has 15 years of history behind it. A conference of such a scale do not happen overnight. Pulling off this summit with perfection was literally mission impossible – but we did it, once again. We wanted to give the best to our delegates in terms of content, infrastructure, speakers, food, AV and overall, a world-class learning experience – Each delegate & speaker went back with some lasting memories and a smile that I still see around me. THANK YOU DELEGATES & SPEAKERS for this motivation.

Last but not least, I want to thank my family and families of eDominer & DPG Team members. Their support and encouragement helped us towards the pursuit of this excellence. We owe it to them. With their support, we can move mountains !!!

Those who missed DPS 2019, you missed something spectacular. But don’t miss DPS 2020 🙂

From a needle to the massive LED wall – everyone who helped me pull off this summit – THANK YOU. #DPS10

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