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Jammu and Kashmir Floods – Round Table India, RT113, walks the talk!

Currently, in Round Table India, there are more than 200 Tables located in 76 cities and towns, comprising of businessmen, entrepreneurs, technocrats and professionals. Men who can rise above personal concerns to seek and serve the larger needs of the community.

One such table, Calcutta Midtown Round Table 113, delivers a master piece! They launched Kashmir Relief campaign towards the recent floods that affected lakhs in remote areas and claimed hundreds of lives. RT113, through their campaign raised close to 30 Lakhs, air lifted and transported relief material, travelled in a group to the most remote places, delivered the material with the help of Indian Army in relief work – BRAVO! I am getting goose bumps!

Why am I blogging about this? Well, first, this is commendable stuff and second, my brother Vineet is part of RT113 🙂 along with K R Gupta & Rahul Mohata, who travelled for this noble cause!


In their own words:

Day 1:


Our flight landed in Jammu amidst light showers and winds. The cloud cover welcomed us with open hands and sent straight signals that Nature has lot more to offer…. But we marched on…

Day 1 of our “MISSION KASHMIR”…
As we drove out of the city limits, we could see the destruction and vast devastations caused by this cruel act of nature… We crossed the TAWI river over a bridge made by the Indian Army. We could not loose sight of the broken bridge which we passed that moment, next to us. The roads are in primitive stage and it took us 2 hours to cover a distance of more 30 kms.

We reached the village of Makhwal which is supposed to be the last territory of Indian border of this side which coincides with the Pakistan border. The Army Watch towers gave us ‘KICK’ that we were actually closest to the firing line. The village gave all it had to fight this calamity, the water was receding but the traces of mass devastation left it traces everywhere. A walk around the village, gave us the first feel of what WE are entering into with no clue what we have ahead of US. With the help of the local Panchayat and the NGO team which is working with us in tandem we made a list of “80 FAMILIES” who needed immediate relief.





Day 2:

[09:32, 16/09/2014] Day 2 : We left Jammu at 7 in the morning for a relief site at Mahore around 150 kms from Jammu. We crossed Katra enroute and sought blessings from Mata Rani as we drove beneath the mountain which housed her shrine.. the journey soon started to feel like an unending one as we drove on literally on non existent roads, numerous landslides and road blocks.. It took us 7 plus hours to reach Mahore Army Camp wherein the supplies and the Army Support awaited us..

[09:32, 16/09/2014]: The Army had organised a relief camp at a remote village called Sungri around 40 kms uphill and called in around 300 effected families from the 10-15 villages around there.. We immediately started off with our associate NGO who had already helped us distribute 100 kits in Mahore with the help of the Army..

[09:32, 16/09/2014]: The news spread like a wild fire and the crowd started to swell in no time.. we could see people crossing the river bed nd then again saw them walking back through the strong currents with the relief on their head, it was a horrifying scene to say the least. Our interaction with the people revealed that most of them will be walking back to their villages which will take them 3 to 5 hours on foot..

[09:32, 16/09/2014]: The last set of distribution was done in the mobile torch light as the place got pitch dark after sunset, we wrapped up the camp and thanked the Army support team for everything. We headed for the Army Camp in Bagga which was 25 kms from Sungri and where we were hosted by the Army for the night..

[09:32, 16/09/2014] +91 98 30 106060: The swelling crowd in no time started to get out if control as the people feared that they might lose on getting the relief and started getting restless.. we had not anticipated such turn of event and were scared for a while. The army as usual was there to help and things got in line in no time..
[09:32, 16/09/2014]: A dream cum true for all of us to spend the night with the army men and share their experiences.. the weather was apt at 18 degree for fellowship with them and we lost no opportunity to make the most of it.. As we tried catching up the much wanted sleep, we were content that at least 400 families today will have their prayers for us at Round Table India.. Amen.. A quick 5 hours sleep before the start of day 3 in action.. reporting live from ground zero.. Tr Rahul Mohata









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