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Mark Souza (General Manager, Cloud and Enterprise Platform, Microsoft, USA) – Day 2 Keynote Speaker at DPS 2018

Here comes the next big news after Rohan Kumar’s announcement. And this is another delight for the IT fraternity of India!

Announcing Mark Souza – General Manager, Cloud and Enterprise Platform, Microsoft Corporation, as the second day keynote speaker for the 4th edition of Data Platform Summit.

It is indeed an honor to host Mark Souza – the veteran, the legend!

Mark Souza is a General Manager in the Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise(C&E) Platform business unit. He is responsible for all Customer/Partner interaction, Content and Community for the business platform products at Microsoft: Middleware, Database and Cloud.  Using Customer Experiences he ensures the C&E division is building and shipping products that customers need to build enterprise class solutions. He is responsible for building the best, most vibrant technical community in the world.  He also ensures that the C&E community has the highest quality content at their fingertips at the time they need it.

Mr. Souza’s thirty years in the Information Technology business has consisted of database administration, end-user tool management, systems engineering database specialist/lead, client/server architect, Microsoft regional data technology specialist, SQL Server development customer advisory team and most recently general manager of customer, content and community.

Pinch yourself and believe it, it’s happening! Mark Souza is flying down from Redmond to deliver the second day keynote session at Data Platform Summit 2018 and this is a moment to reckon with!

Data Platform Summit gives you a chance to see, meet and hear him live! And learn how the Cloud and Enterprise Group at Microsoft is modernizing and democratizing the data platform!

His talk is un-miss-able. Register today

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