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SQL Saturday Speaking Experience

SQL Saturday is one of the finest SQL Events that I have come across this year. I was very humbled to be part of one such SQL Saturday in Houston on May 10 this year. This is how it happened:

TechEd North America 2014 was scheduled from May 12 to 15 in Houston. And I was speaking at TechEd. The SQL Saturday Team (part of PASS) announced a SQL Saturday Event on May 10. The event was hosted by the Houston local user group run by Nancy, Allen & team! I somehow happened to the call for content on twitter and submitted my SQL 2014 Resource Governor IO Session. And thanks to the selection committee, it was selected.

I travelled from Seattle to Houston on May 9. And was all set to speak at my first SQL Saturday.

The event was organized at St. Jacinto’s college in Houston and oh boy – it’s a mini convention center in itself with state-of-the-art infrastructure. I could only dream of such infrastructure in Indian colleges! Welcomed by Nancy and her team, I got my speaker batch and headed to the speaker room. And I could see so many familiar faces there – it was nice to meet & greet fellow speakers – all part of the big SQL Family!

After setting up my laptop, I headed outside to meet attendees. And I got a glimpse of a very well organized event. The registration desks, the lunch area, sponsors well-distributed across the entire space – it was like a mini SQL Conference!

My session was well-attended and I got awesome feedback from the audience, instantly 🙂 People were kind to tweet!


Post lunch, I did stay ON for some time to interact with attendees. I could not stay till the end of the session since I had to head to MCT Day Zero (another event for MCTs that was happening in another part of Houston), so I missed the event closure which I am sure would have been awesome too!

Overall, it was a wonderful, sweet experience speaking at SQL Saturday! Then comes TechEd North America 2014 and something bigger was waiting, much bigger, probably once in a life time – let me save that for another blog post! Some pictures from SQL Saturday 🙂




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