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SQL Server 2014 presentation at Great Indian Developer Summit, April 2014, Bangalore

Hi Friends,

On April 22, 2014, I presented two sessions at Great Indian Developer Summit, popularly known as GIDS. This was my third year at GIDS.

My first session was on In-Memory OLTP. Before I demoed the performance aspect of In-Memory tables, I explained the concept of latches and demoed how latch contentions reduce transactional throughput. And that made a good deal of difference in the audience understanding “How exactly In-Memory improves transactional throughput by leaps and bounds”.

My second session was on Updateable columnstore indexes in SQL 2014. Unfortunately, not many people in the audience were aware of columnstore index feature which was introduced in SQL 2012, thanks to the limitations it had. I decided to take a step back and introduce the feature first, followed by the “blazing fast performance” it offers. Of course, the limitations of columnstore indexes in SQL 2012 naturally paved way for me to talk about how those limitations have been alleviated in SQL Server 2014.

Both sessions were very well received by the audience. Slides & demos are on the Resource page.

Time for some pics 🙂

1_SQL_Server2014_sessions_at_Great_Indian_Developer_Summit_April_2014_Bangalore 2_SQL_Server2014_sessions_at_Great_Indian_Developer_Summit_April_2014_Bangalore



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