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We Need To Do Much More


Last year at SSGAS 2016, in my opening address, I had promised that a portion of the conference revenue will go to charity. I am extremely happy that we (eDominer, DPG/SSG Team & I) have kept our commitment. We tied up with three Bangalore based NGOs and three global organizations to support them in their noble endeavors.

At Swanthana, we helped the NGO in their efforts to support 50 girls between the ages 8 months and 15 years, who are mentally challenged and have multiple disabilities.


At Gandhi Old Age home, we helped the NGO in their efforts towards the aged and physically & mentally challenged sections of the society.


At Angels orphanage, we helped the NGO in their efforts towards orphans and abandoned children.


Apart from the above organizations, we are now providing monthly contribution to the following global organizations who are working towards children education, nutrition and medical care.




Right now, what we are doing is minuscule. We sincerely hope our work in this area expands.

We are looking forward to DPS 2017 and the commitment remains to contribute more this time.

We need to do much more.

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