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A day with Bob Ward – The SQL Guru!

Last week, I attended the SQL Bangalore UG meet which was full of stalwarts like Arvind Shyamsundar, Tejas, Pradeep, Amit Banerjee, Saurabh Agarwal, Vinod, Balmukund and many others from the GTSC team of Bangalore.

One of them was Bob Ward, Principal Architect Escalation Engineer, very well known in the SQL community for his 500 level sessions. He was in India on an official trip and the event was titled after him, “The best of Bob Ward”. He was scheduled to present two sessions and I was really looking forward to his session on Memory Internals.

I talk a lot about SQL Memory in my trainings and consulting engagements and I must say, his session gave an extra edge to my existing knowledge about SQL Memory. SQL Server Memory is complicated, really complicated. I was, in fact, carrying a piece of paper with me with dozens of numbers from DBCC Memory Status, DMVs, Perfmon counters & Task Manager and I was trying to figure out every byte and how things line up with each other. During my SQL MCM preparations, I spent more time on SQL Memory than any other topic and as I always say, more than achieving the MCM credential, the knowledge that I gained while preparing for it, is the real value. And I completely witness that when I attend level 500 talks delivered by the likes of Bob Ward, I can, thankfully, relate to every bullet point on the slide and every sentence uttered by the speaker.

Well, it’s not a regular thing to attend Bob Ward’s session so I guess I was lucky enough today. I will have another opportunity to hear him speak at this year’s PASS Summit 2014 in Seattle. The good thing is that I am speaking as well at this year’s PASS Summit – so it’s a double treat! And of course, I will get to hear & meet many other SQL Gurus at the PASS Summit.

Back to Bob’s session, his presentation, as always is very energetic, to-the-point, demos are true deep-dives – everything that you can expect from a SQL Guru!

Thanks Bob for coming to India and presenting at the event! Here is a pic by Manohar Punna, SQLServerGeeks core team member and my dear friend.

SQL Server Bob Ward

Thank you Bob, once again and I look forward to seeing you again at PASS Summit!


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