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Down the Memory Lane – SQL Baremetal Workshop from Dandy Weyn, Jan 2012

In Jan 2012, I attended SQL Baremetal workshop at Microsoft Redmond campus delivered by Dandy Weyn., the then Sr. Product Marketing Manager for SQL Server. This was a different kind of workshop. It was not about SQL server per se, but about automating and building SQL Server Virtual Machines dynamically using Powershell scripts. For example, suppose, I want to deliver a class on SQL Server 2012 Always On Availability Groups and I need to build four to five VMs and each of them needs to have SQL Server installation, databases, etc. Furthermore, you want to setup AG Groups using those VMs. Manually, this may take hours of work. This workshop taught us how to automate the entire process using power shell scripts and it was JUST TOO GOOD. You double click something and sit back and relax, literally! Needless to say, Dandy did a fantastic job and kept the audience engaged!

By the virtue of attending this workshop, I also met so many SQL stalwarts – Brent Ozar, Denny Cherry, Kalen Delany, Kendra Little, Jeremiah Peschka, Ron Talmage, Ross Mistry, Robert Davis and many others. Worth the time I spent with these knowledgeable people! Thanks Dandy!

As usual, some pics 🙂

With Denny, Aaron, Pawel


With Robert


With Brent, Kendra & Jeremiah


Team Dinner


With Kalen



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