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A solid reason not to burst crackers!

Hi Friends,

First, let me wish you a very Happy Diwali & loads of happiness to you and your family!

Second, let me wish that you don’t burst crackers! Why?

Air Pollution, Garbage, Noise Pollution, Global Warming – tired of hearing these reasons? So here is a solid reason:

You must be aware of Jammu & Kashmir flood, the worst in six decades that killed around 300 people in India and around the same number in Pakistan occupied Kashmir. The recent cyclone Hudhud in Vishakapatnam killed around 100. And both the natural disasters have caused damages worth thousands of crores and destruction beyond imagination that will take years to fix. Ways of nature is beyond our comprehension but lending a helping hand in rehabilitation is our choice. I say, our responsibility!

So STOP wasting your money on things that make meaningless noise, STOP blowing up your money in smoke! Instead, donate your hard earned money for flood victims and make a difference. And just don’t donate, influence others to do the same – it is a collective responsibility. And take a moment to thank God that you didn’t lose a dear one in the floods and in the same breadth pray for those who lost theirs!

Do you happen to read it late? No worries, you can still wake up!


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