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Most Fashionable Professional – India – Part 1

There’s lot happened with this contest and I won it 🙂 – thanks to people who voted for me. It’s time to blog about it and I am doing it in four part series, this being the first one.

While I was on my paternity leave in the month of June/July 2014, I got an email from Van Heusen India that they are conducting a contest, “India’s Most Fashionable Professional” and if I want to participate. This was in associate with LinkedIn.

The contest was being hosted at

I have a LinkedIn profile. All I was required to do was make people aware that I am participating in this contest and if they think that I am fashionable (ahem, ahem), they can vote for me. They need to have LinkedIn account too. The process was simple. If people wanted to vote for me, they had to navigate to, log in with their LinkedIn credentials, search my profile and vote for me. Bingo!

This process seemed very easy and being on leave (little work pressure – yes I work even when I am on leave), I decided to take a shot at it. And guess what, my wife supported me big time. She said “Thank God, you thought of doing something other than work & SQL Server” – it was high time that I get a life!

And it all began. I started posting on FaceBook, Twitter & LinkedIn. And people started voting for me. Thankfully, my job involves meeting lot of people for my consulting and training work – I guess many noted that I was decently fashionable 😉 (ahem)

From 1 vote, I slowly and steadily climbed up to the top spot with 348 votes – Thanks to everyone who voted for me!


The contest closed on July 31 midnight with me on the top spot. And more than 50,000 professionals participated in this contest! I didn’t know what was in store for me next. Watch out for Part 2.

Thanks for reading.

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