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Steve Ballmer Interview – the quickest one though :)

Hi Friends,

During Microsoft Most Valuable (MVP) Summit in 2008 in Seattle, I got an opportunity to ask a question to then Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer.

This was during the opening keynote. A few MVPs got an opportunity to ask questions to him and people asked about Windows, Microsoft, Office, technology future, etc, etc

I was excited that my turn is going to come but I had something different in mind. When I got my turn, I asked him: “Microsoft Corporation is biggest software company on this planet, with billions of dollars in revenue, with more than a hundred thousand employees working in more than 200+ countries and you are the CEO of Microsoft. Do you get sound sleep?” 🙂

And to this question, the entire crowd of MVPs burst into laughter & applause. But what followed was such a detailed answer from Steve Ballmer, probably the longest one. This was probably the shortest Steve Ballmer Interview, Watch it yourself!

Hope you enjoy the video and do share it!


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